What is Blockchain Technology and how it works

Blockchain Technology is the topic of the year 2017-2018 because of the boom arise in Bitcoin.Bitcoin surged more than 1500% in the year 2017 which made people crazy to search for Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. There were several Bitcoin startups this year whether it may be Bitcoin Trading or Mining Pools ,So when these technical … Read more

(BCH) Bitcoin Cash Price will soon surge to $2000 within months

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is the counterpart of Bitcoin and after highs and lows in Bitcoin Cash Price there is a prediction of increasing Bitcoin Cash Price within months. Bitcoin cash is one of the most successful cryptocurrencies which is listed after ripple. The month of March 2018 was very weak for BCH/USD  but when we … Read more

Ethereum will be the biggest cryptocurrency in 3 years

Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency which is traded after Bitcoin . Ether are now very precious to miners and prosaic which will persuade  them to purchase 10 ether to continue their mining process,platform-specific cryptographic token, or simply, a unique piece of code against a blockchain transaction. Ethereum had surpassed BCH and other major blockchain based  … Read more