Productive ideas to develop Dapps on Etheruem Blockchain

Every geek wants to be a progeny of Ethereum blockchain or worlds most productive blockchain which supports more than 1562 projects also known as Decentralized apps or Dapps.

First and foremost step of starting any blockchain project is to measure market demand and apps available on the platform which can’t be eliminated, entrepreneur with a good foresight will choose etheruem blockchain for faster transaction or estimate block time,Bitcoin will take 10 minutes while in Ethereum average block time is 10 to 20 seconds.

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Benefits of Working on Blockchain Projects or Dapps

  1. Decentralization – This is a core concept of blockchain which makes it different from other technologies.
  2. Security – It ensures security by working on crypto algorithms.
  3. Transparent – All transactions are recorded in public ledger which secures everything.
  4. Accounting – All transactions are properly recorded which gives accuracy of records.
  5. Reliable and Scalable – Blockchain is reliable and scalable with help of thousands of nodes in a peer-to-peer network.
  6. Cost saving – No Intermediate is required to process transaction

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Most popular Dapps

  1. Augur – This platform is a peer-to-peer oracle and prediction market
    platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. Visit –
  2. SingularDTV – An entertainment platform or studio which is decentralized and and peer to peer network working on Ethereum Blockchain which empowers artists and creators to manage their projects from development to distribution.

Featured Dapps

  1. Decentraland – Virtual reality platform which works on Ethereum blockchain .Decentraland is a virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain where users can monetize their content.
  2. Axie Infinity – People here can collect, raise and battle cute fantasy creature.

Big Players in Blockchain Technology –

  • J.P. Morgan Chase – Fintech
  • Ethereum
  • R3
  • IBM
  • Coinbase
  • Linux
  • Thomson Reuters

Beside Fintech startups their are numerous other areas where Blockchain technology is very usefull

  1. Authorship and ownership
  2. E-voting
  3. Commodities
  4. Data Management
  5. Diamonds
  6. Identity and Authentication
  7. Energy
  8. Gaming
  9. Gambling
  10. IOT
  11. Job Market
  12. Media and Content distribution
  13. Networks
  14. Philanthropy
  15. Real Estate
  16. Ranking
  17. Social Networks




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