Online Earn Money by Typing: More than $1000 Per Month

You can Earn Money Online by Typing which can be more than $1000 per month. We will show you the secret of making money on the internet which is a passive income formula. 

Before we are able to start and that I can show you the way to create money online by typing or blogging, we’d like to type the necessities out, meaning we’ve got to induce you online! these days I’ll show you the way to create your initial diary, that is amazingly easy! make certain you follow every and each instruction provided on this page.

What is Blogging? – Blogging is the term used for publishing articles on the web. Blogging is one of the easiest and profitable internet business in the 21st century. People or organizations write a blog to get traffic on their websites and then selling their products by using Blogs. The are many ways to make money online such as with Bitcoin Faucets but blogging is the most profitable business to do online. Lastly, you can create your blog for less than $10 and start making $1000 per month by typing online.

Guide to make money online by typing

Steps to set up and create a blog

1. Purchasing a Domain name for your Website

I am continually making websites and it’s super necessary to decide on an honest domain, I usually see windy domains like It’s extremely long, boring and has such a big amount of words which are very bulky to write. But there is a strategy behind this domain as Google’s Algorithm works with keywords and ranks higher on the search result for the keyword in the domain name itself. Also, It makes the website super-relevant to the users. So, make sure to get a perfect domain name for your website. You do Free keyword research for your domain name by using Ubersuggest. Search for high performing keywords of your choice and then purchase the Domain name.

Note: Choose a niche or topic of your blog in which you are interested. The topic must have low competition with high CPC (Cost per click).

Once you’ve got purchased your name from Godaddy you’ll modification the nameservers of your name and purpose it to Bluehost. Open Goddady Account and visit Domains > My Domains then click on your domain. currently, click on the Nameservers Icon and alter the custom nameservers to those Blue host would have emailed you, they’d are one thing like:

Insert these nameservers in the custom nameservers block of Godaddy DNS Manager.

Purchase a Domain Name on the world’s largest Domain name registrar You can get your First Domain name for $.99 by using the code CJC99R.

2. Purchasing hosting or server for your website

What is Web Hosting? –  Internet hosting service which allows individuals and organizations to make websites accessible through the Word Wide Web.

The most necessary factor concerning running a web Business is that you just have a reliable host, while not one, you’re wasting it slow. I like to recommend to everybody continually to use Bluehost as it’s cheap, reliable and extremely fast. If you are doing conceive to go try and realize a more robust deal then please analysis whom you’re obtaining hosting with, the worst factor is to seek out your web site goes offline and that they don’t have a recent backup of your server. I actually have in person lost some extremely massive websites because of hosts simply doesn’t appear to worry for his or her customers. You can search for the best hosting in the world Bluehost will be at the top of the search results. I in person use a starter $3.95 per month arrange from Bluehost. So, here is the full set of instructions to set up your WordPress Blog with Bluehost.

3. Setting up WordPress Blog

What is WordPress? – WordPress is a free and open-source blogging or content management system which is written in PHP programming language. It is the largest CMS powering more than 30% of the internet. Lastly, you can create your blog easily on WordPress to start making Online money by typing or blogging.

Steps to create a Blog with WordPress

  • Go to
  • Log in to your Bluehost cPanel.
  • Find the Website section and select Install WordPress.
  • Click on the Install button.
  • Choose the domain name to install it to.
  • Leave the directory option blank to install into the main page of the domain name
  • You can edit the email address, username, and password for the new WordPress installation if necessary.
  • Click on the “advanced options” to change those settings.
  • Check the boxes after reading through the license and service agreements.
  • Finally, Select the Install Now button

Now you have finally installed WordPress on your domain name.


Earn Money Online by Typing

In this Tutorial, we will be explaining you to make money with Advertising by using Google Adsense. Later on, you can also sell products on your websites which may be digital or physical.

If you have any other questions or errors then just comment below.

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