Mithril Coin Price Prediction, MITH price analysis +100%

Mithril (MITH) coin is interests of Crypto traders after +170% change in 7 days so Mithril price prediction is positive, Mithril coin is a social media token made for paying social media users or reward to content creators and contributors to the network, so this can be called social mining.

Mithril has no airdrops, bounties, nor public crowdsale the project , if you get any its fake.This token was created for those artist ,singers and video bloggers who are now rewarded for their hard work , people think these people have hugely monetized their content but it is not possible because of present competition in making videos and other digital content.This token may be very useful to those people who want to reward creator for their efforts.

Lit enables the Proof-of-entertainment,a Social Mining of MITH to reward users for contribution if their work in digital entertainment through videos, and provide the Mithril Vault for its users to store and use MITH.

According CoinMarketCap,  Mithril (MITH) was lowest ever trade in these three  months was

Mithril Price Prediction

According to CoinMarketCap,  price of Mithril (MITH) is operating at $0.684384 USD and it seems it will surge more simultaneously by watching the graph of MITH we can estimate that there were two ups from March 28 to April 14. In the month of April MITH was lowest ever traded at $0.151 while it was highest ever traded at $0.76 on April 13,2018. 

Investors are showing impassiveness towards boom of Mithril but as soon as bears enter in the market you can make an investment withing a week , 10-20% change is expected this week else it may impair.Many cryptocurrencies such as TRON are now eliminating the ERC 20 token standardization and stating their own blockchain public ledger which may result into highly profits and increments in such currency,Moreover Mithril is operating on Lit,a decentralised AI mesh, to the public.Lit is operating on smart contracts, LIT tokens open Satori.

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