It’s Time to invest in CryptoMarket

Cryptomarket has declined from $400 billion to $263 billion in 6 months. Investors are taking money out from the market impairing crypto assets while most of the ICO’s are impassive. Blockchain-based companies mainly fintech are now left impecunious. Many ideas are successful but blockchain is not properly integrated , we need an idea which is not possible without tokens such ideas will change this world.

Bubble is bursting or recovering it can’t be explained. We need sustainable growth of blockchain in order to play safe. Since, market is very volatile investors are being pessimist. Optimism needs trust , and we can trust compaines which have high growth potential to make this world better with integration of blockchain technology and using tokens to distribute rewards equally. Many Blockchain based platform such as Steemit are being controlled by whales and Bots which reduces interest of impassioned users to make some money from such platforms.  Cryptocurrencies need a big background and scalability which can be consumed by the world. Furthermore ,it can’t replace centralized currency.


Market is now bearish but it is a sign of recovery which can be occur any time. Maelstrom investors get ready for a bullish run which can malign and will be malleable for crowdfunding’s. Entrepreneurs are showing their enthusiasm with introducing innovative blockchain platforms and Dapps. We see old crypto’s as pest which follows traditional use for transaction. Platform is not just for transactions ,blockchain is just a supporting factor to resolve problem in a particular industry. Moreover , we just need to identify growth and potential of a particular technology before making an investment. I have added these ICO’s In my portfolio ;

  1. Ubex –  is a global decentralized advertising exchange which is operating fully on the basis of neural networks using blockchain and Smart Contracts.
  2. Global REIT – Blockchain-base Real Estate Investment Trust.
  3. TripBit – Blockchain-based Travel and Tourism platform.
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