Intial coin offering or an ICO is wrongly interpreted by people as an way to make money.Many imperious companies and startups are engaging in blockchain technology and launching their own cryptocurrency for maximum crowdfunding in any business.

Before starting we have to learn much this crowdfunding can cost and how much money we can earn or collect for starting and producing a revenue generating product with help of investors.

We can earn from an ICO ranging from $1000-$1 million as per your investment and marketing campaigns.A successful marketing campaign will give you better returns.

Points to be kept in mind –

  • ICO’s are not meant for earning money but for serving people.
  • Don’t create fraudulent practices.
  • Proper description of an idea.
  • Fake ideas will be pest.

How to create an successful ICO for to raise funds

  1. Think a new idea –
src -iconfinder

First and foremost step to start any business is the great idea which can influence people which should be actual to inspire people.After lot of research we can find a successful idea ,check websites such as and Reddit to get updated about ICO.

2. Build a Website –

src – Motion Publishing

A website is very essential part to create an ICO campaign which should have various components and parts to give a successful landing to a page where people can get informed with mercurial instance.Design and parts of website includes –

  1. Product Description
  2. 5 pages
  3. Subscription form
  4. Press Release
  5. Description of the Pre-ICO
  6. A brief information about staff and team ,high-quality photos, brief biographies, links to social networks.
  7. Work case
  8. Development experience and expertise
  9. Publications
  10. Contacts

3. White Paper

src -content assets

White Paper – Old school of politics define Whitepaper as legislative document which means a legislative document explaining and supporting a particular political solution.So we are talking about ICO where whitepaper has a different meaning ,it is a piece of document which contains idea of the technology which serves to explain audience.


So whitepaper can be defined as “A persuasive, authoritative, and luculent document which gives in dept knowledge of a specific topic to the reader.

These documents are heavily used in marketing and especially if you want to collect funds for your innovation.This informational document is released by company to highlight features and and technical specifications about this document. They are different from blog post and Ebooks though they are persuasive as blog posts but they reflect responsibilities of the business and guarantee rewards for full support by investors. So ,they need to be highly polished and apprehensive which may take weeks or months to complete.

More information about whitepaper

4. Successful Marketing

Concept of blockchain may be very sophisticated but i think marketing is more complex and essential part of any kind of business.If you can’t deliver your idea to people there are no chances of support and crowdfunding for your ICO ,it require lot of potential and money for successful crowdfunding.If you are planning for an ICO then first start thinking about advertising and marketing campaigns of your technology.

For Support –

  1. Use social media to promote idea , best social platform for ICO is Reddit and Steemit ,steemit will pay you for your investment through upvotes which will be payed in steem currency working above Steem blockchain.
  2. Quora Discussions – Give answers for innovative technologies and new ICO’s on Quora with link to your website.
  3. Facebook – Join Groups and Communities to post about your ICO.




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