Fusion (FSN) will be your next best investment in Cryptocurrency

Fusion (FSN) is a public blockchain crypto finance Program.

According to Announcement on Fusion, as a sponsor of the project, is working towards creating the FUSION blockchain ecosystem rather than being focused on corporate profits as traditional enterprise projects do. The FUSION platform, which benefits all token holders, does not belong to any single organization or individual and is a platform embracing the entire blockchain token community. It will use token mechanisms and the foundation’s resources to continually foster all kinds of communities such as technical communities, college communities, user communities, investment communities, node participant communities, central organizations, data source providers etc. The vision of the FUSION community is to create an inclusive big family who shares the vision and passion of FUSION. – Source Fusion.org


What is Parallel Computing ? – is a kind of computing in which many calculations or execution of programs are done.There are several kind of computing performed ,Bit-level ,instruction-level,data task-parallelism.more

IBM - parallel computing

Fusion (FSN) runs on Fusion protocol which is induced by cross-chain ,cross-organisation and cross data source public chain which brings blockchain technology to a brand new indigenous level in financing with blockchain.

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Fusion (FSN) Price Analysis

FSN had a turbulence this month while crypto Markets are not tractable and trifling.According to Coinmarketcap,In the month of March it was highest recorded at $3.17 on March 7 , as on April 1 it is recorded at $1.95.

Three months prediction –  40% change in price expected.




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