Free Stellar Lumens | Earn Free Stellar (XLM)

You can Earn Free Stellar Lumens without any investment from the best Faucets available here. These methods are legit and high paying.

What is Stellar (XLM)?

  • Stellar (XLM) is a digital currency focused on remittance and cross border payments.
  • Like all cryptocurrencies, Stellar is also decentralized and works on Blockchain technology.
  • Lastly, it’s more like any payment solution such as Paypal or Bank where you have to fill your funds and transfer money.

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Ways to Earn Free Stellar Lumens?

  1. Free Stellar (XLM) Faucet
  2. Playing Games to Earn Stellar

Free Stellar Lumens Faucet

  • You can earn some Free RDD by playing games and performing other things. provides free XLM every 4 Minutes and the minimum withdrawal for Allcoins is 2 XLM.
  • Bithunt: It is one of the highest paying cryptocurrency faucets where people earn thousands of free satoshi’s. You can earn Free XLM every 5 Minutes with the minimum withdrawal of 1 XLM.
  • Althub: It supports many Altcoins including Reddcoin with a minimum withdrawal of 1 RDD. Althub provides free RDD token every 4 Minutes.
  • 3BTC:  Dispenses in every 60 minutes with a minimum withdrawal of 1.10 XLM.
  • CoinMonster: It dispenses free XLM coins in every 12 Minutes with a minimum withdrawal of 1.50000000 XLM.
  • Xcolander: Dispenses in every 15 Minutes with a minimum withdrawal of 3 XLM.
  • Eobot: It dispenses free XLM in every 15 Hours with a minimum withdrawal of 50 XLM.

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