Here is the Free Litecoin Generator to generate free Litecoins without any investment in 2019. These Generators are very rewarding and earning money from these generators is very simple.

What is Litecoin?

  • Litecoin is one of the best alternatives to Bitcoin or the light version of Bitcoin.
  • The difference between the two is the mining procedure used in them while both use the same consensus PoW (Proof-of-work).
  • Bitcoin uses the SHA-256 hashing algorithm for the purpose of mining while Litecoin uses Scrypt.

More information about Litecoin at Blockgeeks

Are these Litecoin Generators Real?

There are many websites claiming to provide a Real Bitcoin Generator Online. Furthermore, there is a Bitcoin Generator Scam around the web. A domain name claim that they have successfully hacked Bitcoin Blockchain. There are some legit ways to Generate Free Litecoins which are discussed below.

Generate Free Litecoin with a Litecoin Faucet?

A Litecoin Faucet is a reward function incorporated into websites and a reward is paid when a user completes some tasks and play the games on the site. A Litecoin faucet is a feature on apps and websites that steadily drips Litecoin. For example, a website may dispense a fraction of a Litecoin in every few minutes. It’s usually an extremely small amount, equivalent to a few cents or a dollar, awarded to one user in every few minutes.

Tasks may range from solving a captcha image or also from inviting new members into the site. The rewarding system dispenses a fraction of Litecoin in an hour or in predetermined time intervals.

Since the amount of Litecoin is withdraw in minutes, and the amount system keeps track the earning of each user and is sent to the user’s Litecoin wallet once a certain amount has been accumulated.

For this work, a payment processor has to be incorporated in the process and the owner of the faucet has loaded Litecoin. The processor then dispenses the amounts as set.

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Best Free Litecoin Generator or Litecoin Faucet

MOON LITECOIN – Here you can claim free Litecoins whenever you want there are no restrictions of time. Other sites offer users to claim free Litecoins once per hour or day. Visit MoonLitecoin.

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Generate Free Litecoins (LTC) by playing games

  • Probably the most fun form of work, there are a variety of Litecoin games that does not require any investment and also this provides you with a foolproof way to earn Litecoin .
  • Also, there are few options like ChopCoin, Coinbrawl and Bitcoin’s and Aliens mobile app.

Best Litecoin Gaming Sites

  1. Luckygames
  2. CasinoRoyale
  3. Crypto Games
  4. Bitsler

Earn some more coins for free:

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