Introducing a blockchain for Argriculture Tanibox

Blockchain industry needs some best integration ,every time entrepreneurs are coming with new ideas. There is Smart agriculture platform for food system out there through the use of blockchain technology. Agriculture industry This industry is one of the largest industry in the world with USD 6.29 trillion by 2022. Introducing Tanibox As per estimation of world population till 2050 there will…


How long does it takes to transfer OmiseGo

OmiseGO is designed on Plasma Architecture and leading Ethereum Layer 2 scalability.Plasma blockchain is very reliable and scalable which reduces cost of OMG network which is decentralized exchange designed on Proof-of-stake algorithm.This blockchain also highly adaptable for financial applications which will run on the OMG network. This blockchain rely upon the underlying blockchain (e.g. Ethereum) for performing transactions.Plasma is highly…


How much we can earn from an ICO

Intial coin offering or an ICO is wrongly interpreted by people as an way to make money.Many imperious companies and startups are engaging in blockchain technology and launching their own cryptocurrency for maximum crowdfunding in any business. Before starting we have to learn much this crowdfunding can cost and how much money we can earn or collect for starting and producing…

Cardano price

Cardano price prediction , keep an eye on this coin

Cardano price prediction is positive , many investors are catching ADA in their wallets and interpreting high yeilds this quarter.Developers of Cardano are now more focusing to improve technology behind Cardano which may be a important aspect of splurging the early investors in Cardano (ADA). Binance announced in the post on the company’s website an hour or so ago has given Cardano…

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