Bitshares (BTS) , can reach to a new level

Bitshares are the DPoS graphene blockchain built with a native cryptocurrency, custom tokens, built-in decentralized exchange, and more. Bitshares are not as much similar to Bitcoin as PoS blockchain where anyone can produce or Mining can be done of blocks.So what kind of Blockchain technology is used in Bitshares ,it includes bts, tokens, the DEX, and the orderbooks.

Bitshares is designed to be completely decentralized and reduce the influence of wealth concentration.



In the month of April ,in bear market Bitshares has a +10% change in 7 days. On Jan 3 price of bitshares was seen at $0.74 which surged from $0.49 which was seen on October 13 which shows how Bitshares market capital was optimized from $131 million to to $2 billion. Month of March was most bearish in history of Bitcoin and Altcoins or the month of dissolving bubble.

Putting an investment in bear market may not be worth and Since many of the markets such as India ,China which have also banned crypto Assets ,their is a simultaneous decline in these crypto assets. So, are we waiting for bulls to enter in the market or we will make investment , suggestion is to wait still market becomes stable ,if price falls from $ 0.14365 to $0.12 ,investment should be made ,Market Capital $363,173,744 USD .

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Why to buy Bitshares ,

margin trading
– It is scalable and fast 3s blockchain time.
– sharedrops frequently.
– It hasreferral program
– efficient consensus method with delegated proof of stake
– decentralized open source community project with voting power
– low inflation and fees
– you can create your own coins/dex with BTS
– smart pegged assets
– longest blockchain in the world and fastest network with 3300 transactions per second, with the potential to scale to 100,000 per second in the future.
– connection to EOS ecosystem (in work)

So there are chances to boom of this coin in coming years , it may be worth to buy bitshares

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