Antminer E3 by Bitmain is equal to 8 Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti

Antminer E3 is the Ethash miner from Bitmain which was in high rumor which was confirmed from tweet by Bitmain ,”world’s most powerful and efficient EtHash ASIC miner”.Bitmain is 8 times more efficient than GPU such as Nvidia GTX 1080 and because of this reason Asic miners are in high demand.Bitmain reported its profits ,which were around $3-4 billions which was higher than Nvidia’s graphic cards sales.

Antminer E3 , is first Asic miner to mine cryptocurrencies with Ethash algorithm to mine Ether which will soon surpass the sale of GPU’s in the market at very low cost of $800 at hash rate of 180MH/s . Bitmain has invented many sucessfull miners Best Asic miner for mining Bitcoins in 2018.

It was informed that mining Ethereum was Bitmain’s early perspective which was efficiently performed by the company but in order to sell older stocks , Antminer E3 was exclusive and Since mining ethereum became profitable demand of GPU’s were increasing,Many GPU manufacturing giants such as Nvidia and AMD made huge profits because of Ethereum mining .

Antminer E3 Specs

  • Antminer E3 consumes 800 watt of power while 8 nvidia gpu will consume 950 Watt .
  • Ethereum On Price of $400 profitability will be $140.


Founder of Ethereum ,Vitalik Buterin suggests the ethereum protocol is already mining resistant , Ethereum White Paper.


Bitmain excepts the pre-order of Antminer E3 which will  be shipped from 16-31 July ,2018  and the first batch of Antminer E3 has been sold out while we don’t know how many batches are remaining.

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